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BUild the Decentralized Future

Decentralization is underway. In the coming years, emerging blockchain technologies (like Ethereum) will aid in distributing power from the center to the edges of our communities. This movement could bring about the most significant technological and social advancements since the advent of the internet. You can be a part of this change at ETHDenver.

ETHDenver is welcoming those who want to support and build the decentralized future. The Hackathon is an opportunity to work alongside the developers, thought leaders, advisers, and companies who are making the infrastructure and applications that will power the future.



Judges & Speakers



Joseph Lubin (AMA)

Founder, ConsenSys

Co-Founder, Ethereum


Raine Revere

Prism Architect, Shapeshift

Co-Founder, Maiden


Emma Channing

CEO and General Counsel, Satis Group


David Gold

Managing Director, Access Ventures


David Knott

Viper Developer, Ethereum Foundation



Piper Merriam

Builder of Things, Ethereum Foundation


Kevin Owocki

Founder, Gitcoin


Nathan Schneider

Scholar in Residence, University of Colorado

Robert Brent.png


Robbie Bent

COO, TrueBit


Doug Petkanics

Founder, Livepeer


Will Warren

Co-Founder, 0x Protocol


Jesse Walden

Co-Founder, MediaChain


Shira Frank

Co-Founder, Maiden


Alex Xu

Director of Operations, 0x Protocol


Kyle Samani

Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital


Preethi Kasireddy

Founder, Schelling



Tony Tran

Co-Founder, Bee Token


Hudson Jameson

Co-Founder, Oaken


Adam Babik

Software Engineer, Status


Jim Goebelbecker

Chief Executive Officer, Denver Kids


Siddharth Coelho-Prabhu

Product Lead, Toshi



Kieren James-Lubin

Founder & CEO, BlockApps



Hannah Parsons

Chief Executive, Exponential Impact


Mark Beylin



Matan Field

CEO/Architect, DAOstack


Pete Kim

Founder, Cipher Browser


Alexey Bashlykov

CTO, Zerion


Luke Duncan

Research Lead, Aragon

Untitled drawing.png


Allyson Dias

Director, Thiel Fellowship


Ilya Nikolayev

CEO, Tapinator


Stephanie Copeland

Executive Director, CO Office of Economic Development

cutmypic (1).png


Andy Milenius

Software Engineer, Maker


Amber McReynolds

Director , Elections Division, City & County of Denver

cutmypic (1).png


Jessica Angel

Artistic Director, TrueBit


Mohamed Elkasstawi

Founder & CEO, zk CAPITAL



Erik Voorhees

Founder & CEO, Shapeshift

cutmypic (3).png


Robin Hanson

Author, Elephant in the Brain



Elena Nadolinski

Software Engineer, AirBnB

cutmypic (1).png


Fennie Wang

Partnerships and Regulatory Lead, ixo Foundation


Logan Golema

CTO , Anthem Gold

cutmypic (6).png


Kartik Talwar

Co-founder, ETHGlobal


Vignesh Sundaresan

Lead Architect, Lendroid

cutmypic (1).png


Jess Nichol

Course Leader, Integral Center


Yida Gao

General Partner, Divergence Digital Currency




Amy Segreti

Founder, Live All of You

 Sean Qillaq   


Haseeb Rabbani

Lead Devangelist, Blockgeeks


William Mougayar

Author, The Business Blockchain



Dmitry Buterin

Founder, Blockgeeks

Leonard Tan .png


Leonard Tan

Engineer, ENS


Elena Sinelnikova

Founder, Cryptochicks


Kirk Dameron

Geomehme Vorf, ConsenSys

Stigmergist Extraordinaire


Zac Mitton

Project Lead, X-Relay


Rouven Heck

Founder, uPort

Mike Goldin.png


Mike Goldin

Lead Engineer, Adchain


Liam Horne

Co-founder, L4 and ETHGlobal


Nadav Hollander

Founder, Dharma Labs


MacLane Wilkison

Co-Founder, NuCypher


Rhys Lindmark

Founder. Creating a Humanist Blockchain Future


Yondon Fu

Software Engineer, Livepeer


Linda Xie

Co-Founder, Scalar Capital

Manuel Araoz.png


Manuel Araoz

CTO, Zeppelin Solutions


Coury Ditch

Lead Architect, Opolis                          ETHDenver Chief Hydrationist


Felix Feng

Founder, {Set} Protocol



Scott Sanderson

Patent Attorney, Sanderson IP Law


Jorge Izquierdo

Co-Founder & Tech Lead, Aragon

cutmypic (2).png


Boyma Fahnbulleh

Founding Partner, Amentum

cutmypic (1).png


Evan van Ness

Curator, This Week in Ethereum


Alex Miller

Co-Founder, GridPlus


Panashe Mahachi

Co-founder, L4

cutmypic (1).png


Steven McKie

Founding Partner, Amentum


David Aktary

Founder, ERC dEX


Nadine Hachouche

Developer Evangelist, Storj


Jake Vartanian

Founder, Native


Kenneth Hodler

Chief Technology Officer, KeepKey



Joshua Nussbaum

Partner, VC Compound



Tom Bean

Co-Founder, b0x



Tracy Leparulo

Founder & CEO, Untraceable


Andrew Hewitt

Founder, GameChangers 500

cutmypic (2).png


Leigh Cuen

Journalist, International Business Times

cutmypic (1).png


Lindsey Renken

Founder & CMO, ERC dEX

cutmypic (4).png


Ryan Selkis

Founder & CEO, Messari

cutmypic (2).png


Maria Vidal

Communications Lead, Kleros

cutmypic (2).png


Igor Barinov

Tech Lead, POANetwork


cutmypic (2).png


Josh Zemel

Course Leader, Integral Center


Lucille Hu

General Manager, FBG Capital

cutmypic (4).png


Ashley Tyson

Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives, Web3 Foundation

cutmypic (7).png


Chance Du

Founding Partner, Coefficient Ventures

cutmypic (3).png


Zooko Wilcox

Founder and CEO, Zcash

Untitled drawing (20).png


Chris Waclawek

Business, Strategy, Partnerships, Golem


ETHDenver sponsorship deadline is January 12th. Qualified sponsorships receive 15-20% credit for bounties & repos. 

ETHDenver Robot Icon.png


The Gart Sports Castle, a historic Denver landmark, is home to ETHDenver. More details on how we're utilizing the space will be shared in early 2018. 



THE ART HOTEL               Official Hotel 



If you're interested in opportunities with our sponsor companies, check out the Opolis Opportunties Board


What is ETHDenver?

ETHDenver is a Hackathon for Ethereum enthusiasts and developers.  The 36-hour Hackathon will also include some talks and workshops given by top blockchain influencers and Ethereum experts. The purpose is to contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem, whether by building decentralized applications (DApps), contributing to or starting infrastructure level projects, writing documentation/tutorials/white-papers, or even designing UI/UX or info-graphics. So bring your inner awesomeness and some friends. We’ll provide mentors, resources, and provisions. 

What is Ethereum Denver?

Ethereum Denver has supported the region's blockchain community since early 2014, and is one of the groups contributing to this event. With over 1000 members, its goal is to provide opportunities for learning and connections. Along with its sister Meetups – Boulder Blockchain, Ethereum Boulder, and Rocky Mountain Blockchain – there are over 2,500 people registered to participate in regional events.

Who can participate in the Hackathon?

Anyone can apply to participate in the Hackathon. Applications are based on interest in Ethereum and demonstrated ability to code or meaningfully contribute to a project. Applications from any corner of the globe will be accepted. PLEASE NOTE that non-technical contributors are welcome as well. If you have something you think you can add to the ecosystem – whether it's a knack for crafting white papers to explain dApps, a creative or artistic perspective, or an entrepreneurial vision – we'd welcome your talents and skills on one of the Hackathon teams.

Who can attend the workshops & speakers?

Anyone can apply to attend the workshops & speakers. All Hackathon participants are able to attend as part of their acceptance for the Hackathon.  You do not have to have any specific skills or abilities to apply. Just an interest in Ethereum and the decentralized future. Due to restrictions on crowd capacity, not all applications for workshop & speaker tickets can be accepted. 

When will I know if I've been accepted to the hackathon?

WAVE 1: You can expect to hear back no later than January 15th at 9PM Mountain Time if you apply by January 14th. WAVE 2: If you apply after January 14th, you will hear back no later than February 1st. Applications close officially on January 31st. You must have your application submitted by then in order to be considered. If you are not initially accepted, you will be allocated to our waitlist. 

How does the waitlist work?

If your application is allocated to the waitlist on Wave 1, you will be notified during Wave 2, no later than February 1st, if we are able to accept you. If you are not accepted after Wave 2, we will continue to accept people as space becomes available.

Can I still come to ETHDenver if I'm not participating in the hackathon?

UPDATE: The Workshops & Speaker tickets are SOLD OUT. No further tickets will be available either before or at the door. Absolutely! We'll be providing Workshop & Speaker tickets for $30 in addition to the free Hackathon tickets. Note that those attending Workshops & Speakers will not have access to the Hackathon. 

How much does it cost to attend the ETHDenver Hackathon?

UPDATE: ETHDenver is completely SOLD OUT. There is no further availability for Hackers, Hacker Teams or Speakers & Workshops. This Hackathon is free for approved applicants. Spectators who want to attend Workshops & Speakers can purchase $30 tickets. 

Can I purchase tickets at the door?

Unfortunately, no. ETHDenver increased its capacity to the maximum we can allow and is SOLD OUT. Even still, we have 500+ on the waitlist. If you show up to ETHDenver without being accepted via the regular registration & applications paths, we will be unable to allow you entrance to the event. There will be no exceptions to this policy. All attendees will receive a lanyard and wristband (which cannot be removed), to ensure no unauthorized persons gain access to the event. 

How do I get to the ETHDenver Hackathon?

Flights should be arranged to Denver International Airport. Our venue is conveniently located in the heart of the city, so transportation and access is simple and easy.

How many people can be on a team?

You need at least two to form a team. This is not a solo sport; collaboration is key. The max for any one team is 4 people. (Hint: you will receive bonus points for the diversity of your team.) If you don’t have a team, there will be an opportunity to form or join one at the Hackathon.

What if I don't have a team?

If you don’t have a team, there will be an opportunity to form or join one before and at the Hackathon. We'll host a few "icebreaker" sessions pre-Hackathon on Friday where you can meet teams looking for more members or Solo Hackers looking to partner up. Additionally we've created a Slack Workspace just for this purpose. Look for the #ethdenver-team-up channel and feel free to pop in and introduce yourself. 

What if I've never participated in a Hackathon before?

There’s a first time for everything. If you’re not an experienced developer, that’s quite alright. If you’re interested in learning, even better reason to come. We’ll provide mentors, resources and workshops to help you sharpen your skills and unleash your inner awesomeness. Be eager, coachable and open. You never know what you might be able to create.

Can I start working on my project before the Hackathon?

We believe in a level playing field. As such, pre-exiting projects are not allowed if you wish to be considered for prizes. You may, however, build a new feature for an existing project that is unique and standalone. Judges will make the final decision on whether a project will qualify for prize consideration. 

What sort of workshops, speakers, and fun stuff will there be?

The focus of all speakers and workshops will be on decentralization and all things Ethereum – for example, development tools and practices such as Solidity, Vyper, testnets, state channels, tokenomics, and so on.  The official schedule will be announced sometime in early 2018.

Regarding fun stuff, we will provide many activities to help you take effective breaks and reset your brain. There will also be ample opportunities for socializing and connecting with your fellow participants and hackathon contributors.

What hardware do I need?

Please bring your own laptop computer. We will provide table, chair, power and a strong enterprise grade wifi internet connection.

Can I (or my Hacker Team) participate virtually?

ETHDenver is a live, in-person event only. We are unable to host individuals or Hacker Teams who wish to participate virtually.

Are there any travel scholarships available for Hackers?

If you are in need of financial assistance for travel and wish to attend ETHDenver, please indicate so on your application .  Please note that we have a limited amount of scholarships available. Each request will be evaluated on a case by case basis and will be awarded no later than January 31st 

How does judging work?

Judges will score your project based on 6 categories:

  • Usefulness

  • Design

  • Technical Sophistication

  • Creativity

  • Diversity Awareness

  • Makes the World A Better Place

The top 5 overall teams will have the opportunity to present and demo their hacks in front of the entire hackathon crowd at our concluding session.

What are the prizes for the winning teams?

The top 5 projects will receive a crypto-cash prize of Ether and other prizes which will be announced at the event.

How does ETHDenver define diversity?

Diversity encompasses the full range of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, countries of origin, sexual preferences, and gender orientations. We are truly a "big umbrella" community, and believe we're far stronger for having a rich variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Do I need to bring my own food/beverages/snacks?

All hackathon participants will have food/beverages/snacks provided for them. Those attending workshops & speakers will have access to food-trucks during meal hours, however, will bear their own expense. 

Where do I sleep?

ETHDenver will be ripe with couches, chill spaces, bean bags and other resting amenities for those who wish to maximize hacking time and "power nap". The Art Hotel across the street from the ETHDenver venue appears to be nearly sold out, however there are several hotels about 6 blocks away that are currently available for even cheaper (in the $114-$130 range). We suggest looking at the Sheraton, Crowne Plaza and Airbnb.

I have a question that is not listed here. Who should I ask?

I want to attend, where do I sign up?

Applications closed January 31st. Please sign up for priority livestream access using the button above!


ETHDenver has a world-class lineup of speakers & workshops happening.
Check out the full schedule.